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A Small Treadmill for Your Minimalist House

There are many demands of people for minimalist concept in various things including furniture and other item such as sports equipment. This minimalist content for home does not need a lot of space. Sometimes it just has one function that can be used for anything else. Meanwhile, other things that cannot be ruled out in life is to make our health better and keep it in very good condition too. One of the healthy living method  is by doing exercise and one of the most famous sport equipments is a treadmill. Treadmill is the most reliable tool in the basic exercises and continuous workout.
The relation between home exercise equipment is minimalist. If you are in your thoughts about this, then here are some things that you can consider before buying a treadmill.

1 – Buy a compact treadmill. This current model is not difficult to find. It is made ​​with lightweight materials so that users can move the treadmill to another place easily if the owner requires a wider space at any moment.

Another advantage is that this compact treadmill can be folded and placed in a corner side or behind the closet, or even under the mattress. This is the main formula for small treadmill to be part of a minimalist residence. Because this type of exercise equipment is portable, it is generally packaged completely with box, then you will be able to take it without feeling any inconvenience.

However, there are some notes you must remember about this portable treadmill. Generally, it has small cushioning and not equipped with the statistical results for your practice. Its small size will increase your chances to get injured.

2 – Purchase the Standard Folding Treadmill. This will give you more advantages compared with a compact treadmill. With wheels on the bottom that makes you push it enough to put it down, this model make you easier to clean the bottom of the treadmill. Of course, it is also easy to put in place. There is better cushioning too and have the main console, entertainment consoles even as iPod docks.

The disadvantages that need your concern about this treadmill are the folding mechanism, so that the additional cost of making the same result determined in folding treadmill will cost more than their non-folding, then it is heavier because it has wheels and other supporting tools.

3 – Buy Incline Trainer Treadmill. This kind model is just came out to add the function of a treadmill. It can be said that this is a miniature of the great treadmill which has many features. Because these units are really meant to run high skew, made ​​shorter belt on some models.

But the treadmill with this type cannot be folded so it cannot take it away on vacation with you. This is a strong but not portable treadmill.

The third type is what I recommend when you are looking for a small treadmill to be placed on a minimalist place.

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