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Things to Consider When You Want to Install Flexispy

Top spy software is now come in front of you. It is named Flexispy phone tracking tool and used for you to monitor people you want. By using this application you can see what people do in their mobile phone, like call logs, sms, e-mail, or social media activity like Facebook, Wechat, Snapchat, etc. This software can be able to track the location using GPS signal, and it is even make you easy to break the security password of social media or mobile phone. You do not need to be worry because once you install it, Flexispy will be hidden automatically. It is legal to use Flexispy to monitor your children because they are under parental guidance and you need to ask permission to your company’s employee if you want to observe your business.

Next, so how does it work? There are several things you need to consider if you want to do spy activity using Flexispy. First, there is always same basic procedure you need to understand that these software need to be installed on the target phone. So you need to check whether they have cell phone or not and try to check whether the cell phone has compatible program with this software because Flexispy is only work for Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and Android. You need to check also whether your cell phone compatible to Flexispy version.

The next is that the phone you used and the target used must have internet connection, because the data and any prove messages will be transferred through your phone with the help of the internet connection or Wi-Fi. After that you need to purchase the license of the targeted device from Flexispy. To use Flexispy you need to install it first. If you meet confusion during the installation, you can ask for guidance from the Flexispy’s customer service or watch the tutorial video in their website. After the process of installation is done you can open the control panel dashboard and see the report there.


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